Life Cycle Financing for Solar Development

Sol-REIT is not a bank. We understand the business of solar development - our founders are both renewable development and structured finance specialists who have created financing solutions that enable solar developers to fuel renewable energy adoption nationwide.

Project developers in the solar and renewables industries often lack access to capital in the form of construction debt, long-term debt and conveniently arranged tax equity. This often drives developers to sell their projects to asset aggregators, leaving tremendous value on the table.

Sol-REIT changes this model by serving as go-to source of all a renewable developer’s capital needs, with zero to minimal sponsor equity requirement, for the full term of projects. Our life cycle financing allows developers to build their business, maintain ownership of their projects, and pass savings to the communities they serve.

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Sol-REIT’s structured finance solution ensures access to construction funding and long-term financing for developers who want to preserve their equity in their projects.

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Solar project aggregators have played a vital role in allowing cash-strapped developers to off-load their shovel-ready projects at the traditional NTP (notice to proceed) sale point, and use those proceeds to develop new ones; however, under this model, a project may ultimately be sold 2-3 times, with value stripped away at each sale.

Our construction-to-permanent financing solves for the liquidity constraints faced by small and mid-sized solar developers by committing up to 100% of the capital needed to construct a project, combined with long-term financing to match the asset’s lifecycle.  Sol-REIT’s model, which treats renewables like real estate, significantly reduces the total cost of capital and allows developers to capture the value they create.

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Sol-REIT’s ability to provide capital to a diverse group of solar developers fuels the equitable distribution of renewable energy to all communities.

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