Regional Solar Conferences Echo a Similar Sentiment as Sol-REIT Engages Developers Nationally

August 3, 2023

From a brief sampling of regional solar events throughout the summer, including ACP’s CleanPower in New Orleans, Reuters Solar and Wind Conference in San Diego, Wood McKenzie’s Solar and Storage Summit in San Francisco, and RE+’s Mid-Atlantic Conference the sentiment of many developers and EPCs is extremely positive regarding their own growth and ability to commence projects in the near future.  

Sol-REIT’s EVP and Head of Originations, Derek Gabriel observed, “we’ve engaged with many EPCs, IEs and developers at these core regional conferences and they are consistently presenting great enthusiasm for their own projects in light of emerging details regarding tax credit transferability and movement on interconnection pipelines in certain regions."

The evolution of IRA policies, some regional improvements to interconnection pipelines and the work of regional solar associations (as well as nationals) to advance policies locally are contributing to the outlook, as is the availability of capital in the form of more readily available tax equity to Sol-REIT’s construction-to-permanent financing solutions.

Both the Reuters Solar and Wind Conference in San Diego and Solar and Storage Summit sponsored by Wood McKenzie in San Francisco featured agenda items coving how the Inflation Reduction Act and its scope is unleashing American ingenuity to deploy clean energy faster.

At the later, Sol REIT’s Derek Gabriel met with met with Stephanie Bednar, Director of Membership at COSSA(Colorado Solar and Storage Association), who suggested that market advancement in Colorado would lead to growth of COSSA members.

Similarly, the expansion of public-private partnerships, discussed with former State of Louisiana DOT Secretary Shawn Wilson and candidate for Louisiana Governor at CleanPower will further fuel development while creating jobs and wealth locally.

Come visit with us at upcoming regional events such as Colorado Solar and Storage Association’s TopGolf Networking Event on August 24th or let’s talk about your project financing at RE+ Vegas in September 11-14, 2023.

Derek Gabriel, Sr. Head of Originations, Sol-REIT (left) at American Clean Power in New Orleans in June with Shawn Wilson, Candidate for Governor, State of Louisiana (right) and an associate.
Derek Gabriel Sr. Head of Originations, Sol-REIT and Stefanie Bednar, Director of Membership, COSSA at Woods Mackenzie conference in June.
Sol-REIT team members in Philadelphia for RE+ Mid-Atlantic (L to R) Adam Moskowitz, Director of Marketing and Communications, Sol-REIT;  Mark Settles, CEO, Sol-REIT; Derek Gabriel Sr. Head of Originations, Sol-REIT in Philadelphia for RE+ Mid-Atlantic in July.