Construction-to-Permanent Financing Process

Financing Process

Sol-REIT streamlines the finance process for developers via industry expertise and proprietary technology.

For qualified developers, Sol-REIT will finance 100% of construction cost, less 50% of the developer’s margin.

Get Started
Steps to funding
Expression of Interest

Intake & Screening

– Evaluate developer experience  and pipeline
– Review basic project attributes
– Size desired loan(s) and provide indicative term sheet(s)
Due Dilligence

Project Details

– Verify revenue & operational assumptions
– Legal and engineering review
– Review & confirm tax equity commitments
Investment Committee

Sol-REIT Portfolio View

– Review of third party analysis and internal funding guidelines
– Internal investment committee approval
– Efficient loan closing

Construction Through Operations

– Monthly monitoring of construction progress
– Construction draws at determined milestones
– Convert to permanent loan upon funding of tax equity

Lending Parameters

Target Project Size
1 – 20 MW (Exceptions may be made in project size, with portfolio and pipeline also considered)​
Target Loan Size
$2 - $50 million​
Type of Financing
Construction-to-Permanent Loans​
15 – 25 years, matched with the PPA’s term​
Prime + 300 bps
Loan-to-Cost (Construction)​
100%+ of construction costs​
Interest-only during construction period, and fully-amortizing during permanent loan phase​
Qualified Projects​
Distributed Generation, Commercial & Industrial, Community Solar​